Blue HeronWelcome to my new blog. On this Thanksgiving Day of 2014, I count myself blessed to be making my first posting, signifying an exciting new step in my writing life, while at the same time moving on from twenty-seven years of contributing weekly columns to the Missoulian’s Thursday Outdoor Page. My farewell column is appearing in the Missoulian today, and if you haven’t already, you can find it at

As I write these words, I cannot do so without mentioning the passing of a true champion of the wild nature that we all cherish here. I’m sure you know I’m referring to Bill Ohrmann, whose artistic vision and skillful renderings in steel, wood, and on canvas comprise a legacy that celebrates our natural world and challenges us to do much better at tending to it. I am one among many who are grateful that Bill was here for a while, and feel fortunate to have known him. I smile every time I drive past the Ohrmann place south of Drummond and see the beautifully crafted menagerie of wild critters that guard the premises. My favorite is the great blue heron.

Beginning next Thursday, I will continue providing my weekly musings, in celebration of the wonder of our great outdoors and the experiences that wait, just out there beyond our doorsteps. Meanwhile, just to provide a bit of a teaser, I have dusted off a Thanksgiving column from twenty years ago. I was surprised to find that the sentiments expressed in this old column are little changed in me today. I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane.


  1. Welcome to your next life, brother, and Happy Birthday.

  2. Greg,

    What a shocker while reading your column this morning. I will truly miss your words each Thursday. BUT, I was glad to see you will continue here. I’ve lived in that ol’ house since Sept ’83 and have read your stuff since day one. Thanks for the wonder and chuckles.

    Sander getting married! How wonderful. One of my all-time favorites kids.


  3. Real happy to see this blog, Greg. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thanks, Kate. Don’t forget to check in every thursday, or so, to see what the latest muddled thoughts happen to be.

  4. Greg: Congrats on the new blog! I was getting worried when my wife said it was your last column, but elated you have a blog. Like everyone else, your columns about the Last Best Place ring true and I look forward to lot’s of blogging. Have a great T-Day!

  5. Happy Birthday and look forward to your that a word?

  6. Greg, As long as you are putting up a few old columns, please remember December3, 1987 I have a copy of an old, yellowed, paper, and it still sings every time I read it: “They were all good days.”

    • Jack, I have found a copy of that column and it will be one of the first to show up in the Classics department. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for mentioning Bill Ohrmann. I only visited his place once, but was completely blown away by everything. The larger-than-life sculptures (I recall a trap door in something–tyrannosaurus?–where you could see its heart, the Blake-like visionary paintings, as well as the more accessible ones. It was a great experience not only because it was unexpected but because the art was wonderful. The not-really-quirky side of Montana at its best. I hope those who don’t know his work will check it out, either in person or online at

  8. Greg, Nice Blog. Can’t wait for tomorrows’ post.

  9. My father would be so honored that he was mentioned in your first blog. The tribute was beautifully written. Thank you, friend. We are looking forward to your future pieces and catching up on the classics. Sue

  10. Hi Greg,

    I’m the guy who talked to you on Mount Jumbo Sunday afternoon. Thanks for telling me about your blog.
    It’s good to have a new source for things going on in our area. Hopefully I’ll catch you again on the trail or stream before too long.


    • Greg Tollefson

      Thanks for subscribing. It was a pleasure to meet you on the mountain, and, of course, we will meet again.

  11. Greg- Thanks for the text message leading me to your blog. Looking forward to your posts. You are right on with your title: all of us who live here are incredibly enriched by this beautiful state.

  12. I was going through old files and came across one marked: To Read Again. There were 2 of your columns: “Grandma’s skillet brings back a flood of memories” (5/5/11) and “Unlike gear, pie from auction didn’t go to basement”(2/16/12). You captured some of my life experiences and I thank you for reminding me of joys that I sometimes forget. I am so glad to find your blog filled with more of life’s joys.

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