When I announced in my Missoulian column that I would be doing my weekly epistle in a blog rather than in the newspaper, dear friend Bull warned me that it would be a slippery slope if I started fudging once in a while and didn’t get the blog posted on my usual Thursday publication day.

“It’s like exercise. Once you let yourself slip a little bit, you might just keep on slipping,” he warned in his most fatherly tone.

So, here I am, just a couple of months into this venture and still trying to get some of the kinks out, and I am taking a chance that a slight delay in posting this week’s blog will not be the end of me. You see, conditions seem suddenly perfect for a little trip over the mountains to the West of us where it might be possible to find a steelhead that is looking for trouble. My pals Erwin, Sleepy, and Slats are all going along to make sure I keep things on the up and up.

Being able to respond to an outdoor opportunity on short notice is one of the benefits of retirement you know. Besides, I look at it as work trip anyway. I’m just gathering material.

As soon as I get  home later this week you’ll get the whole story.  I mean that, Bull, really.

Erwin sent me this picture so I will know what we are looking for.

Erwin sent me this picture so I will know what we are looking for.

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  1. If the fish are there one must go…..looking forward to read about it.

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